Originally from the UK, Seb Gray moved to Christchurch two years ago to launch an intensive Christian discipleship gap year program called Soul Edge and a men’s ministry called the Xtreme Character Challenge.

Soul Edge runs leadership training programmes in Canada and New Zealand. Equipping young men & women to rise up as a generation of Christian leaders capable and passionate about the global church & bringing change to the world around them.

The current 5-month Soul Edge model is incredible for students but poses a few significant problems.

  • staff don’t get paid
  • staff can’t do anything else for 5 months
  • staff can’t pursue a career and have to struggle to find something to do for the rest of the year
  • the above problems make holding onto leaders almost impossible. Marriage, kids, careers all stop leaders from coming back to us.
  • this means our leaders are often younger and less experienced in leadership but also their own faith journey. We desire leaders to have wrestled with their faith and gone through years of growth and development.


  1. Wisdom and creative solutions as we ask God for a new model that achieves life transformation in students while providing for our leader’s financial, social, and long-term health goals.
  2. A new model we can grow other avenues of ministry like multiple XCC’s, father-son and father-daughter weekends, women’s adventures, etc, giving rise to greater transformation in people’s lives and an income for our committed leaders.
  3. A base for the leadership team of Soul Edge, XCC to be able to live and work and grow other ministries from.
  4. For the right leaders to join the team.
  5. Praising God for everything He’s provided already!
  6. The XCC is powerful because it takes real men’s honest and vulnerable testimonies of God turning up in the hardships of life and share’s them with the masses. Pray for the right testimonies to present themselves for this year’s event.