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Promoting prayer throughout the week


We know everyone can’t make it to our meetings, but the beauty of prayer is that it isn’t constrained by time. This section is where you can keep up with the messages that are shared in our meetings and some of the resources that are created to facilitate prayer, meditation, and reflection.

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Len Buttner︱Eagle Ascend Ministries

Len Buttner, Eagle Ascend Ministries, led us in prayer for the healing of the nation of New Zealand on Pray As One’s 4th anniversary.

Regional Focus | Bay of Plenty

James Muir from Praying Pastors in Tauranga shared on various events and situations in the Bay of Plenty that need our support and prayers.

The Persecuted Church

Ewan shares about his recent trip to Sri Lanka and in particular how Christians there maintain their joy in the face of hostile opposition to their faith.

The Send NZ

Ben, Michael, and Florencia shared about The Send NZ.

“Prayer in the Holy Spirit unifies. This is what it will do FIRST for the Body of Christ in the nation. Then the God ordained destiny of this nation will emerge with greater clarity. That’s what’s at stake.”

Moana Tipa

Pray As One NZ is made possible through the collaborative efforts of

And an Advisory Group of Christian church and ministry leaders from around Aotearoa New Zealand

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