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We know everyone can’t make it to our meetings, but the beauty of prayer is that it isn’t constrained by time. This section is where you can keep up with the messages that are shared in our meetings and some of the resources that are created to facilitate prayer, meditation, and reflection.

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Praying for the region of Auckland

Jonathan Dove, pastor of Grace City church and chair of the Auckland Church Leaders Meeting joined us to share some of what is going on among the church leaders – in particular, building the pastors’ network.

Hate Speech

Mark Maney, staff researcher/writer for NZ Christian Network, presented some concerns people should have over the government’s proposed hate speech legislation that is currently under discussion.

YWAM Ships Aotearoa

Hannah Sargent shares about the amazing ministry of YWAM Ships Aotearoa.

Praying for the Canterbury Region

Wayne and Sally Curham lead us in praying for the region of Canterbury shortly after floods devastated farmland in rural Canterbury.

Disability awareness for the church

Kirsty Armitage joins us from Elevate Christian Disability Trust to share about their work to encourage, equip, educate and evangelise people who live with disability, their family and friends, and the church.

Sports Chaplaincy in New Zeland

Prayer Points: SCNZ as organization, please pray for… more people to be trained and accredited as SC’s, so we can place them where the doors had been opened more churches to embrace SC as a tool to be missional in their own backyards...

“Prayer in the Holy Spirit unifies. This is what it will do FIRST for the Body of Christ in the nation. Then the God ordained destiny of this nation will emerge with greater clarity. That’s what’s at stake.”

Moana Tipa

Prayer Points

End of Life Choice – Prayer Points

End of Life Choice – Prayer Points

One of the key people publically fighting the battle on the End of Life Choice Act referendum question has provided us with these key prayer points.


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