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We know everyone can’t make it to our meetings, but the beauty of prayer is that it isn’t constrained by time. This section is where you can keep up with the messages that are shared in our meetings and some of the resources that are created to facilitate prayer, meditation, and reflection.

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Catalyst Generation

Listen to Ben’s message on praying for the Catalyst Generation. Based on Malachi 4:6 and the story of David and Goliath, Ben presented us with come excellent prayer points to pray.

South Pacific hour on the Global 10 Days of Awe

Dr Stuart Lange shared these prayer points for Aotearoa New Zealand on the South Pacific hour of focus for the Global 10 Days of Awe. Click the post title for prayer points.

Marriage Week Prayer Focus

We asked James Muir to share with us some prayer points for Marriage Week… Which for some, was a challenge – for many different reasons. What resulted was extended prayer time after the meeting. Perhaps you know someone who needs to hear this message… and needs your prayers.

We Are At War!

Anne Morrow carries a passion for the nation/s and the expectation of God, according to His prophetic Word and promises, moving dynamically to reach the brokenness and dysfunction in people today, to heal and restore with His love and power.

End of Life Choice Act: You should be concerned

Richard McLeod, the spokesperson of Lawyers for Vulnerable New Zealanders, shared some of the many concerns lawyers have with the End of Life Choice Act. Click the post title to access the links mentioned in this presentation.

“Prayer in the Holy Spirit unifies. This is what it will do FIRST for the Body of Christ in the nation. Then the God ordained destiny of this nation will emerge with greater clarity. That’s what’s at stake.”

Moana Tipa

Prayer Points

End of Life Choice – Prayer Points

End of Life Choice – Prayer Points

One of the key people publically fighting the battle on the End of Life Choice Act referendum question has provided us with these key prayer points.


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