Promoting prayer throughout the week


We know everyone can’t make it to our meetings, but the beauty of prayer is that it isn’t constrained by time. This section is where you can keep up with the messages that are shared in our meetings and some of the resources that are created to facilitate prayer, meditation, and reflection.

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The sound of the abundance of rain

Len Buttner of Eagle Ascend Ministry shares a word of prophetic encouragement for Aotearoa New Zealand, in the midst of these troubled times.

Blessing Places

Teaching and testimonies on blessing two other important places: our Dwelling Place and our Workplace

Christian Camping

Christian Camping NZ is about growing New Zealanders through experiential camping.

Blessing & Forgiveness

Richard Brunton and David & Dale Garratt share on the importance of blessing people we forgive.

Focus on Otago

“By the grace of God and with His blessing upon us; may we continue in this region, the planting and cultivating of a well-ordered, God-fearing community. In the power of His risen son, may we stand as a sample of the Kingdom of Christ which, like a light burning in a dark place, shall bear no indistinct testimony to the truth.” 1844 Thomas Burns

“Prayer in the Holy Spirit unifies. This is what it will do FIRST for the Body of Christ in the nation. Then the God ordained destiny of this nation will emerge with greater clarity. That’s what’s at stake.”

Moana Tipa

Prayer Points

End of Life Choice – Prayer Points

End of Life Choice – Prayer Points

One of the key people publically fighting the battle on the End of Life Choice Act referendum question has provided us with these key prayer points.


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