Paul Cornish led us from Hawera to pray for the region of Taranaki.


  • Revival,- ask God to send revival and to continue call pray-ers and intercessors to pray for revival. Give thanks for the resurgence of all-church prayer meetings around Mt Taranaki.
  • Unity / Give thanks for the Kotahitanga Combined worship service last year and pray for the deepening of relationships and increasing collaboration in outreach and mission between the churches. Pray for the Outreach Conference on 3rd July when Dave Mann will equip the church. Topics include Biculturalism, The potential of your unity, The Conversational Skills of Jesus.
  • The Te Hahi partnership with police and local churches in the Taranaki area. A number of church leaders are hoping to take up this opportunity currently being rolled out throughout Aotearoa. Pray that our Police Area commander would open the way for Te Hahi to be established in Taranaki.
  • Justice: Ask God for a fair hearing and a just outcome in the court case which began today of 3 officers charged after a tragic death in a cell at Hawera Police Station.
  • Mission with and to Maori. Give thanks for the emergence of a new generation of Maori church leaders with a passion to reach Maori. Pray the story of the Ngati Ruanui martyrs in the Easter Hope Project Booklet would speak powerfully to Taranaki Maori. Give thanks for the Parihaka Community and its continued witness to non-violent peaceful solutions. Ask God to bless the community and their witness.
  • Pray that in Taranaki there would be a bold and fruitful proclamation of the good news with signs and wonders following. Lift up especially Evangelists Carl and Fiona Butler who are ministering in Taranaki 4-14 June, Meetings are scheduled in New Plymouth, Straford, Eltham, and Hawera.