God is moving in our capital city!



  • Let’s Get Wellington Moving’ (a slogan from the Regional Council focussed on transport issues).
  • God is saying this to our pastors & churches. ‘Let’s (partner with God & each other) to get Wellington moving … in unity, love, faith, hope, power, joy, holiness, peace, discipleship, and evangelism / mission together’. Pray this will become reality!
  • Pray that the Spirit of God will move in the hearts of pastors for greater fellowship, trust, unity & cooperation with each other in prayer & worship, pastoral support for each other, and joint ministry to our city
  • Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit for revival in Wellington City beyond anything seen or heard before


  • Give thanks for the good relationships that exist between pastors of about 15 churches and for vision for the future development of the various aspects of unity in Porirua.
  • Give thanks for the launching of Te Hahi in our city, which is a ministry enabling churches to minister to victims of domestic harm. Five of the churches have bought into that project.


  • For a spirit of boldness and wisdom for the Christian MPs in order to more vocally advocate for the values that undermine Christian faith in ways that engage their colleagues.
  • Pray for Mayor Tory Whanau and her new council.