Unity in Christ and a New Reformation

Rick and Joanne Smith share some needs for the Canterbury region. Joanne works for City Mission and Rick works for Sumner/ Redcliffs Anglican Church as a Pastoral Care Worker.


1 For Unity

  • Increase in ministry cooperation across denominational divides.
  • Increase in 24/7 prayer initiatives as lead by the Holy Spirit. Miracles and Healings.

2 Prison Ministry

  • Before the Covid Lockdowns the a local Anglican church were sending in a team to run church services at Christchurch men’s prison.
  • Many young men were coming to services and putting their hope in Christ. But feared returning to their old life when they get out. The Holy Spirit was moving on these former gang members.
  • Please pray for renewed access to the prison to share the Gospel of Christ and to set the Captives free.
  • Please pray for ministries to provide safe spaces for discipling these young men to continue to follow Christ when they get out away from the influence of their former gangs and associates.
  • Pray for Gods Spirit to breathe on Freedom in Christ Bible studies. * For miracles to remove gang/ occult related tattoos off their faces i.e. words like Mongrel Mob or pictures of serpents and skulls.