Daniel has been joining Pray As One NZ from McMurdo Station over the winter season. He shares the prayer needs for the 5000+ scientists and workers arriving on the continent for the summer season, as his six month placement there is about to come to an end.
“I believe prayers could be used for the turning of the researchers and trades workers to think about greater more eternal things here at Scott Base and McMurdo Base on Ross Island.”

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the salvation and spiritual growth of transient population that visits and lives in Antarctica (Tourists, Scientists and Tradespeople)
  • Pray that the natural awe and wonder of the continent continues to baffle and perplex secular science as to point to the Creator
  • Pray for both McMurdo Station and Scott Base as well as for the Operations and Support staff in Christchurch (Safety and Wellbeing this season)
  • Pray for the other global research bases that do not have a place of gathering such as a chapel that the message is delivered
  • Pray for the raising up of opportunistic labourers.