Wayne and Sally Curham lead us in praying for the region of Canterbury shortly after floods devastated farmland in rural Canterbury.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for mental, physical and emotional health of farmers and families. Protection against isolation, depression and anxiety. Pray for a fresh post flood perspective.
  • Pray for finances to be released. Government funding, insurance payouts, giving from the public.
  • Pray for a shift in attitude from governing bodies like Environmental Canterbury (Ecan) towards our farmers. Pray that Ecan will recognise the farmers good stewardship of land, water, livestock and crops.
  • Pray that God will turn this tragedy to triumph and hearts will be turned to Jesus.

Part 2 Prayer Points:

  • Greater sense of connectedness within communities
  • Prosperity for local businesses
  • Resilience and encouragement for church leaders
  • Stronger partnerships between local churches to reach their community
  • Relevant engagement of churches with the culture and needs of their local community