Tom Mepham of Student Soul is a musician and pastor based in Dunedin, working at the intersection of creativity & spirituality, and shaped by the transforming vision of Jesus. Grace Shaw reads his update on the region, as Tom was unable to attend on the night.

Prayer points from Tom Mepham:

  1. Unity among the churches Pray with gratitude for what exists already, and ask that the Holy Spirit would keep us energised and open to unexpected things that the Lord may want to do among us.
  2. University life is a big part of our city Pray your blessing over the university. It is a wonderful institution and, despite the flaws and challenges of the student experience, hearts and minds are challenged to grow and become stronger through these years of study. This is a good and God-given right and it’s important that we recognise the university and education more generally as the gift it is.
  3. A city and region full of people Pray that God would plant vision for the kind of Church and churches Christ wants to see and work through in this land of Aotearoa NZ in 2023 and beyond. Business as usual is not on the agenda. This is a place where God could do mighty things should be open to some Holy Spirit reorientation.

Prayer points from Alistair & Sue Yule:

  1. Dunedin is a bit of a political ‘back water’. Symptoms of this are (i) the loss of Head offices and businesses over the years, (ii) slow progress on a new hospital which has had its initial plan significantly cut back (iii) major staff cuts and courses removed at the University – morale is low.
  2. The need for united city wide prayer to be re-established and for our churches to be looking for opportunities to be serving the Lord together.
  3. Our farmers continue to cry out for relief from oppressive regulations.