Just as the children of Israel faced new levels of the unknown walking away from Egypt, so too the church in NZ is facing times of discomfort and vulnerability. It is a season of understanding your vulnerabilities can be matched by your faith in God to see the church rise above the issues of the day. A disciple-shift is being asked for by the Lord and this is bringing with it a season of discomfort. Just as the Lord told Moses to stop crying and tell the children of Israel to move forward – so too a prophetic cry is being released to rise above our discomforts and move into the promises of god for NZ. As the church engages in a fresh ministry of watching and praying heaven’s resources will also be released to match the need.

Prayer Points:
– Courage to rise above the threats of Pharaoh (ruling powers) and move forward in declaring the Gospel in our land. Intimidation would not cause us to shrink back but rather be inspired to keep pressing forward
– The church to be resourced through the ministry of WATCHING and PRAYING. Acute spiritual discernment leads to deep and effective intercession to break down spiritual barriers in our nation
– For Pakeha and Maori to be United. A united church of every tribe, tongue and nation can demonstrate ONENESS and UNITY to our country
– A DISCIPLE-SHIFT that will trump over an ATTENDANCE mentality in our nation. This can give birth to fresh labourers in the harvest for our nation. Pray to the LORD of the Harvest for labourers
– The church to move into its missional mandate (As the Father has sent me, So I am sending you) to emerge as EVERYDAY MISSIONARIES IN OUR LOCAL NEIGHBOURHOODS.