Phil Guyan, Petra Bagust and Frank Ritchie from Christian Broadcasting Association, together with Luke Weston from Rhema Media, shared how to pray for New Zealand media and those who work in it – both Christian and non.


  1. Pray for all people who work in NZ’s media: presenters, writers, editors, directors, journalists, designers, actors, producers, industry executives, etc.
  2. Pray for the well-known people and those behind the scenes.
  3. Pray for wisdom and discernment, for those who create content, curate news, tell stories, make entertainment, and those who post and comment on social media.
  4. Pray that media decision-makers and content-creators would be sensitive to the needs of their audiences and our communities – using their craft to touch hearts and engage people’s minds towards goodness, truth and beauty.
  5. Pray that our media would be used for good – to shine light where there’s darkness, to comfort those who are suffering and bring joy to the lonely.
  6. Pray for a greater openness to God’s Spirit, that more people in the media would look to God for wisdom, inspiration and guidance.
  7. Pray that followers of Christ would seek to bless, love, serve, and pray – rather than criticise.
  8. We pray for New Zealand’s media to be raised to its highest purpose; to be a vehicle for the flourishing of God’s world.
  9. We pray that our media would be a blessing in this nation.