Pastor Marama Dey shares with us the on-going work of Māori Mission that began in NZ in the 1800’s, and the work Māori Missioners do today throughout NZ.

Marama has been in Māori mission NZ for over 50 years, the last 32 in Whanganui. She is the visionary founder of Wai Ora Christian Community Māori Mission Station and Marae, founded on Isaiah 58:6–12; which is the true fast God calls us to, working with the poor and the oppressed and the hurting, the homeless and the hungry.

Marama’s passion for transformation in individual lives, the city and the nation is an inspiration to the Body of Christ in Aotearoa.


  • Pray for the training and equipping of Māori leaders, for Ps Stewart Bell and Ps Eugene Katene to have the strength to carry this on, and for the Bible College set up by Grame and Tui Cruickshank, to continue to flourish in training leaders for the nation.
  • Lift up the Māori leaders, now in every part of NZ, for finances to run their mission as they train and equip more leaders. There’s about 400.
  • Pray for the Body of Christ to come into unity NZ-wide to be able to strengthen families. This nation needs a far deeper understanding of scripture, to enable another Spirit-filled move of the Lord to bring more back to Jesus, especially our youth and tamariki.
  • Pray for the embracing and inclusion of Māori leadership in churches and for God-led kaumatua to lead people to the kingdom of the Lord on our Marae.
  • Pray for the many Māori now living in prison – especially those for those being held in remand for 2+ years with their cases not being heard. And for the innocent, who have been wrongly convicted, to be released and pardoned.