Hub of Hope
While many New Zealanders made submissions against the End of Life Choice Bill, Mike Porteous and Barbara Broome looked at ways to help provide support to people who would be targeted when euthanasia would be available in our nation. Hear about their journey to equip people and to set up a nationwide network of Hope Supporters & Champions to connect, equip, and support those facing a life-limiting illness.


Equipping people and offering support all around New Zealand.

The Hub of Hope NZ vision has been created as an active response to the increasing needs of organisations seeking pastoral care for their clients.

They are creating a solution to the recognised missing component defined by the Ministry of Health in providing holistic care for New Zealanders.

Mission one: Connect

  1. Engage with faith communities, primary healthcare and community organisations to identify people who are interested in providing relational and spiritual care
  2. Build a network of allied community organisations, Hope Supporters and Hope Champions throughout New Zealand
  3. Establish referral processes for connecting with potential clients.

Mission two: Equip

  1. Develop e-Learning courses based on the concept of “a series of conversations along the journey”. Courses will equip people with a basic understanding of palliative care, and give them tools to confidently journey alongside anyone with a life-limiting illness while offering Christian spiritual support which is full of hope for them and their whanau
  2. Develop educational resources for the Hub of Hope website including video stories, help guides, resources and links unique to our target market or affiliated organisations
  3. Create new courses where needed.

Mission three: Support

  1. Establish a support network for Hope Supporters and Hope Champions to stay healthy through monitoring their well-being and remain up-to-date
  2. Develop systems to provide ongoing training, supervision and support for Hope Supporters in addition to support from their faith community
  3. Establish systems to protect and support clients and manage risks.


Prayer Points

People willing to get equipped to journey alongside someone with a life-limiting illness.

Church representatives who can champion Hub of Hope eLearning in their community and provide support to Hope Supporters.

eLearning COURSE
Wisdom and expertise for programme developers, Michael Carney and William Trayes.

We need $95,000 to complete our training content and eLearning platform. Our operational budget is $190,000 to cover staffing and a further $15,000 to grow our network.

Continued favour with medical practitioners so they refer those with a life-limiting illness to Hub of Hope.

Q&A session