Stu Crosson shares a powerful quote from Thomas Burns (1844) on the region of Otago and how we can pray for it:

“By the grace of God and with His blessing upon us; may we continue in this region, the planting and cultivating of a well-ordered, God-fearing community. In the power of His risen son, may we stand as a sample of the Kingdom of Christ which, like a light burning in a dark place, shall bear no indistinct testimony to the truth.”


Dunedin Prayer Points:

  1. Thanks for our godly heritage and Dunedin’s vision to be a ‘Sample of the Kingdom of Christ; no indistinct testimony to the truth’ (1844 Thomas Burns)
  2. For the awakening of the church: to our sin/unbelief and to the depth of God’s grace & mercy.
  3. For forgiveness for wandering from the truth of the gospel as revealed in scripture.
  4. Revival upon University campus.
  5. Regathering of the believers who have wandered away from the faith.
  6. Sovereign move of Gods power.
  7. For United in prayer the Dunedin churches monthly prayer gathering.

Oamaru Prayer Points

  1. For the farmers to have hope. There are suicides happening, and many having problems with depression.
  2. Mental Health – people are struggling to get the support they need.
  3. For the pastors – God-given dreams and vision for the town and how to reach the people.
  4. Unity among the churches to increase.
  5. Covid has a bigger/louder voice than the voice of God. His voice needs to be heard and proclaimed.
  6. The next generation – youth and children. Not much real and vital work being done in this area.

Wanaka Prayer Points:

  1. The Tourist industry. Wanaka and Queenstown are heavily reliant on tourism.
  2. Housing. Young families in particular are in need of housing.
  3. Unity amongst Christians with the pro and anti vaccination contention.
  4. The need for immigration workers for local industries.