One of the key people publically fighting the battle on the End of Life Choice Act referendum question has provided us with these key prayer points:


Pray for covering for those who are campaigning and standing in the gap in the NZ political domain with this issue.

They are being shaken and opposed. Pray that the leaders will have PLENTY. Plenty of finance. Plenty of support. Plenty of encouragement. Plenty of people! That the right people will be drawn to them at this time to fulfil the positions in the battle line.

Pray for their families. That they will be blessed and in peace.

Pray for pace for each person, that they will know when to push and when to rest… what battle to engage and what to leave.


Pray for strategy. For wisdom. Of how to reach people, how to inform people.

That they may have great favour. And great God-breathed ideas that will be powerful and effective. Their voice will be heard and will be covered in grace to convict and bring truth that will result in freedom.


Pray for companionship. The closeness of Christ will be with them.

At times the battle is lonely and weary. It shouldn’t be, but sometimes it is. Please pray for strength and boldness and courage. That the Lord’s word will come to them at the right times. That they will stay in the lane given to them. And not to worry – but to be assured God is with them. 


Pray for advertisements across the country.

That as people drive past the signs that have been created in the highways and byways across NZ about the “lethal dose” campaign will convict people. There will be a repulsion against this EOLC Act. Pray the social media campaigns will be viewed and effective. They will change perspectives and views. They will confront and shift mindsets.


Pray that the voice of the enemy which shakes at the truth will be silenced.

That it will not distract or confuse people. That it will fall short and quiet. That every legal challenge against campaigners will fall short. No weapon formed against them will prosper. That opposition will fall in the holes and plots they prepared for others.


Pray for favour with media. Favour that goes beyond sense.

That the hearts of journalists will be touched with compassion. With righteousness. With the sense of responsibility they hold. Journalists will pick up stories and contacts that will expose lies. That media will be bold and courageous. That those who are standing up as spokespeople for righteousness will be covered in favour and peace and grace. That they will get prime time interviews. They will know they are anointed for this time and place and be full of power in those moments.


Pray for travel arrangements and meetings people organised and spoken at across the country - that they will have crazy record-breaking crowds.

That eyes and ears and hearts will be open and willing to receive. And they will leave convicted and changed. That there will be a replication, a reproduction affect with the message.


Pray that intercessors will arise.

That in the midst of the battle a second and third generation of righteous warriors and politicians and campaigners and media and visionaries will arise. They will grow rapidly and solidly and effectively. That generation upon generation will rise up and be ready to stand and fight effectively.