David & Greta Peters joined us in our first of 3 nights on Zoom as part of the national call to prayer and fasting they issued to the church in Aotearoa New Zealand earlier this week.

Watch and listen as they explain the call and get us started with some things to pray about.



Segment 1:

  • For a great spiritual awakening in NZ and globally.
  • That God would pour out his Spirit for many to be saved.
  • For transformed lives and reformed society.
  • For the exposing of the evil schemes of the devil, and the exposing of the ungodly plans of man in NZ and the nations.
  • That we become a righteous nation a sheep nation, whose God is the Lord.

Segment 2:

  • For healing of divisions and unity that we will be one nation under one King Jesus.
  • That New Zealand will fulfil the destiny God has for her.
  • For the elections that God will raise up a righteous government of upright leaders who will direct our nation with wisdom from above.
  • That God in his mercy would supernaturally destroy the coronavirus, heal the sick in New Zealand and deliver the nations by eradicating it around the world.
  • That he would supernaturally restore global livelihoods & economies.