Peter Dobbs, CEO of Christian Camping NZ, shares about the vital work that Christian camps all across Aotearoa do in accelerating young people’s relationship with God. His role entails supporting, equipping, encouraging, and representing a community of around 60 Christian Camps and associated ministries from around New Zealand. Success for him is when their members are fulfilling the mission of loving God, loving others, and teaching others to do the same.


  1. Pray for camp’s security and assurance of God’s sovereignty in: Finances (sustainability), Legal liability (vaccinations – visitors and staff), staff retention.
  2. Pray for the relationships within the camps, particularly in light of the challenges of vaccinations.
  3. Pray for the mental health and resilience of camp managers; they need steadfast conviction that they are in the will of God.
  4. Volunteer engagement has lost traction over the last two years. Pray for effective recruitment strategies for camp leaders.
  5. Pray for healthy strategic church partnerships. This is critical to ministry success!
  6. Pray for strategies to engage with school children in ways that communicate the Gospel and that they will come to camps and have their lives transformed.