In Brisbane 2012, while praying for women in the Pacific region, Georgina saw in the spirit a bleak grey vision unfold before her. A solo scrawny, haggard woman in appearance rose out of the sea standing on a narrow pointed mountain. Then, some distance away another and another til there were eight women. The word ‘silo’ came to mind. Suddenly, one woman reached out her hand to another in friendship and when that woman responded their arms became supernaturally elongated and they were able to hold hands. Immediately, the vision became vibrant and colourful. The other women followed suit and their corporately intertwined arms became a net that reached down to the ocean floor and caught a huge number of silver fish…an end times harvest. Prayer points: 1. An increase of Holy Spirit inspired relational networks, to partner and collaborate to fulfil kingdom assignments not achievable when working in silo. 2. More godly Spirit-led feminine and masculine leadership working together to better represent the love and counsel of God needed for spiritual growth and maturity in the church. 3. Healing of the generations. The generations would perceive their need and value for each other to grow deep in their faith and work together to extend effective reach to the world around them. 4. An increase of Holy Spirit revelation for church leadership to understand and value the unique giftings and talents distributed to the believers that when working properly causes the body to grow and mature and is built up in unselfish love.