In this session, Richard Brunton and David & Dale Garratt graciously lead us in a time of discovering the power of blessing, and in blessing our nation – modelled on the principles in Richard’s book, ‘The Awesome Power of Blessing.’

David and Dale also introduce two of the new songs (‘The Blessing of Forgiveness’ and ‘Benediction’) from their latest production, ‘Songs of Blessing’.

For this session, we adopted a conversational approach in order to equip us to speak blessings alongside our on-going prayers and intercession, and we trust you will blessed, inspired and encouraged as you watch it.

To help you access each part more easily, we have separated the video into the following chapters:

00:00 Richard Brunton – The Power of Blessing
23:36 David & Dale Garratt – The Blessing of Forgiveness
27:30 ‘The Blessing of Forgiveness’ song preview*
28:12 Richard, David and Dale – Blessing those who curse us
32:02 ‘Benediction’ song preview*
32:54 More sharing with Richard, David and Dale

*The songs are previewed in this recording, but will be available within the next few weeks through major outlets when officially released. We’ll also let you know on this page and in our newsletter when they are available.

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