To share our story, we must first know our story. Who are we and how do we fit into God’s plans and purpose for Aotearoa?

Dr Stuart Lange shared Seven things New Zealandars need to know about our nation’s history in order to help us pray with a deeper understanding of our Christian heritage.

  1. That Christianity in New Zealand preceded colonialism.
  2. That Christianity was spread in New Zealand by Māori.
  3. That there was a period when Christianity was flourishing among Māori.
  4. That the motivation of the Treaty was Christian: to protect Māori.
  5. Sadly, the Treaty was only partially honoured.
  6. Numerous Christians protested against the injustice.
  7. Much damage was done to the Christian faith in this country.


  • Understanding: that the Spirit of God will enable many more New Zealanders (Māori and others, Christian and secular) to gain a better understanding of our nation’s history
  • Reconciliation: that the Spirit of God will bring a deep on-going reconciliation between Māori and Pākehā, with the Gospel of Christ central, and the church actively involved
  • A widespread move of God: that through the power of the Gospel, there will be a major turning to God, among both Māori and Pākehā, and across all other peoples who have come to make them home in Aotearoa