1. For those dealing with the aftermath of the July Floods in Westport. For Mayor Jamie Cleine, Councillors and the many agencies and community groups working together to support those whose homes are uninhabitable.
  2. For those who feel exhausted and helpless after the floods. That the light of Christ would shine and bring new hope.
  3. For the Ignite Youth Group in Westport, run by the churches working together. Give thanks for the 12 high school students who came to the recent Youth Alpha weekend focusing on the Holy Spirit.
  4. For the church of St Peter’s in the small community of Granity who have a passion for mission and evangelism in their neighbourhood. Give thanks for the connections they have made in their community and pray that they would bear fruit.
  5. For the churches in Karamea and Reefton, small in number and seeking new models for ministry going forward. May the Lord bring encouragement to his faithful servants in those places.


  1. Increased Unity in the body of Christ
  2. For the people of Christ to continue to draw closer to him
  3. For the effectiveness of the gospel in our community

Hari Hari

  1. For an end to the regular tragic deaths
  2. For anything spiritual over the town to be broken
  3. For the gathering of ministers across the Coast in October.


  1. For ongoing unity and combined initiatives from amongst the churches
  2. For churches to work on equipping believers for sharing their faith more intentionally.
  3. For efforts to increase our confidence in the gospel