Inspirational stories from Northland with Howie Edwards, Ivy Tan, and Trent Membrey.



Ivy Tan – Kaitaia

  1. Awakening of His Bride in the Far North – As Elijah was on Mt Carmel with the prophets of Baal – let the God who answers by fire come and let His anointing fall and His power move through His Bride
  2. Family needs arising: income, relationships, pressures, support for kids and housing
  3. Whānau would have vision and hope restored
  4. Breaking of addictions: Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, stealing, gang intimidation.

Howie Edwards – Moerewa

  1. That the Christian family would not become divided over Covid 19 issues
  2. Christians to lead the way in helping communities increase Māori representation at all levels in Northland.
  3. We as Christians would focus on what is to be released from heaven, not becoming distracted with what is happening on earth in this season.

Trent Membrey – Whangarei

  1. Apathy in the church
  2. Prodigals to come home
  3. Pray against territorial spirits that are manifesting
  4. Pray for leaders to be bold to ask the big things from people, like to step up and be workers
  5. Pray against distractions that are getting the focus off Jesus
  6. Pray for the men to take their place
  7. For the church leadership to engage with reconciliation with the people of the land.