Sanjai Kandregula and Ben Mai share about some of the projects going on that help bring together Christians and leaders from throughout Auckland city and region.

Areas for prayer:

1. Auckland Prayer Breakfast Thursday 17 November. Together, let’s release hope over the city:

  • Healing of our COMMUNITIES
  • Opportunities for BUSINESSES
  • Prosperous relationships for FAMILIES

2. New council, board, and Mayor Wayne Brown

3. Auckland Church Network under the leadership of Ps Jonathan Dove and managed by Ben Mai.

  • prayer coordinator
  • connecting church leaders through a network of groups & sub-groups
  • supporting the church and its leaders by bringing in experts in church planters with entrepreneurial skills
  • professional coaching and supervision of church leaders
  • effective discipling and training
  • looking for big ideas to declare Christ in our city
  • looking for ways the church can come together in unity to serve our city