Petra Bagust of Christian Broadcasting Association (CBA) joined us this week to share with us some of the challenges in mainstream media and about Salt, a ministry for Christians who work in secular media… Faith in Media – and the prophetic double-meaning it implies.


  • That our media would be a blessing in this nation.
  • For New Zealand’s media to be raised to its highest purpose; to be a vehicle for good, for inspiration and truth, for dignity and courage. That media professionals would always strive to conduct their work with integrity.
  • Wisdom for those in leadership managing financial pressures and trying to save jobs, wisdom and resilience for our journalists as they face the pressure of the election and a divided public, resilience for those who have had to go through job losses, the skills to create solid news with ever decreasing resources…
  • Greater openness to God’s Spirit, that more people in media would look to Him for wisdom, inspiration and guidance.
  • Focus on individuals working in the media – blessing producers, directors, presenters, managers, writers, journalists, editors, technicians, advertisers, publishers and the vast array of others who make up New Zealand’s media – bless them and their families, may God’s will be done in their lives.

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