Pastor Paul Cornish draws from James 5 and 1 Kings 18 in his message on persevering prayer and shares some timeless words from Charles Spurgeon…

A great downpour is ready to break on the land if…

  1. There is a growing dissatisfaction with the how things are. And an increasing anxiety amongst the church for the salvation of souls.
  2. When this anxiety leads Christians into increased boldness and earnestness in prayer.
  3. Pastors and church leaders begin to pray together and ask themselves, “What must we do?”
  4. When we see the doctrine of the individual responsibility of each Christian fully felt and carried out with individual action.


  1. That God would give you eyes to see what He sees and to fill you with compassion for the broken, the lost, the bound, and the despairing in our land.
  2. Repent on behalf of our nation and of the church of our nation. Ask him to show you where you have become indifferent and cold to the needs and eternal destiny of your friends and neighbours.
  3. Pray for a fresh outpouring in our land, a new zeal and boldness to come upon the church, and for the good news about Jesus Christ to be repeatedly shared.
  4. Pray for the Holy Spirit to sweep through our land with a fresh earnestness in prayer.
  5. Pray that church leaders would begin praying together as never before – leading to churches reaching out and serving their communities together.
  6. Commit yourself afresh to take responsibility to stir up the gifts He has given you so you may aspire to the impossible as He enables you.