Desiree Thompson, who is co-director with her husband Phil, along with Chris Runciman, a trustee, share about the ministry of JH Aotearoa.

JH Aotearoa is a high impact, intentional programme that has been developed over 30 years in the USA at JH Ranch and adapted to our NZ context.

The programme is founded on prayer and uses experiential learning, adventure activities, and an undistracted environment to connect teenagers with their parents, and with God. The ministry deepens and strengthens relationships between parents and their teenagers, and creates an environment where parents are able to pass their faith and values on to their children.

Through the ministry, they have had non-Christian young people and non-Christian parents give their hearts to the Lord. A great number of participants recommit their hearts to the Lord. Many broken families experience reconciliation, many others experience healing and forgiveness. Many families testify afterwards of the life-changing consequences and long-lasting impact of the ministry.

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Prayer Points

  • That the young people and their parents who attend JH Aotearoa would have their hearts and lives touched by God through the programme and that He would ‘restore the hearts of the Fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.’ Malachi 4:6
  • That parents and children would give their hearts to the Lord, and then be connected into Christian community as they return home.
  • Pray for revelation, reconciliation, forgiveness and healing, that families would be restored and lives transformed.
  • Safety over the adventure activities. Fun and friendship to flourish.
  • For families who have expressed an interest in coming to JH Aotearoa but for various reasons have not committed yet. Please pray that obstacles (such as work commitments, finances, family commitments, even apprehension and fear) would be overcome.
  • For the 100 plus volunteers – that God would equip them and bless them and use them mightily to minister to those who come.
  • That God would inspire more people to provide funds for scholarships – so that those families who cannot afford to be able to attend JH Aotearoa would be able to do so.
  • Please pray for the catering team who were injured in the crash, and for others to fill that gap