With community the central icon on it’s metaphorical flag, Festival One comes across a little different. Born in the dusty summer of 2015, the festival has now run continuously for 7 strong years. Each year a wave of sun-soaked people from around the tiny islands of New Zealand come together and pitch their tents with intense expectation. To join together worshipping the one God and our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Graham Burt, Executive Director, shared some of the biggest challenges facing the festival this time round and how we can pray it will be a blessing to the church and New Zealand.

For more information on Festival One, visit www.festival.one

Prayer points:

Give thanks that God Is God, that His timing is perfect. That He is the Alpha and Omega. That He is gracious, merciful, and just. That He upholds everything by His powerful word. That He is trustworthy and true. A refuge in times of trouble.

  1. Pray for NZ. It is becoming increasingly divided and increasingly fearful.
  2. Pray for our church communities. They are becoming increasingly divided and fearful.
  3. Pray for Festival One as it seeks to draw together people from the community of faith who are increasingly divided and fearful, that we will be able to draw them towards our Saviour Jesus Christ, and a hope that is not based on circumstances but in the Living God.
  4. Pray that Festival One will have sufficient volunteers to keep Festival running smoothly despite the significant number of non vax’d who currently will not be able to help.
  5. Pray that all the things that need to align for the event to be able to take place will indeed do so.
  6. Give thanks for the many miracles – continuing miracles – that continue to encourage the Festival leadership team.