Enemy’s plan to not only side-line, discourage, overwhelm but annihilate. Bones .. speak of what was – now very dry, disconnected, isolated in valley place of death. Can these bones live .. not only physical, but the losing of the backbone of convictions … and call.

V11 says what the bones represent .. the house of ISRAEL AND THEY SAY Our bones are dried up .. CAUSE … our hope is lost and we are completely cut off. Loss of connection.

PROPHESY The truth is, the gift of prophecy is a gift freely given by God through the Holy Spirit to edify (build up), exhort (call near), and console (to cheer up) (1 Corinthians 14:3). The purpose of prophecy is to encourage the Church, give vision, and catalyse people into their divine destiny — the prophetic brings clarity.

TO THESE BONES – that could not hear or respond – situations, families, churches – cities

HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORDV5-6 This is what I want you to prophesy … breath and spirit and you dry bones shall live and know that I am the Lord

SO THERE WAS A coming together … sinews – muscle – strength – flesh .. sensitivity and renewed identity

But V8 – BUT STILL no breath or life .. SO V9 prophesy to the breath and spirit upon these ones .. Breath of God … Genesis .. God breathed and man became a living soul

Over the city – over the body of Christ Psalm 33:9 He breathed words and worlds were birthed. “Let there be,” and there it was— springing forth the moment he spoke, no sooner said than done!

V10 .. prophesied – breath and life (spirit) came INTO the bones .. lived and stood on their feet an exceeding great host (army)

  • Seek the welfare of the city…
  • Seek the welfare of the country…
  • What will you prophesy
  • Practically who has God placed near to you .. the making of or the reconnecting of significant relationships.