Richard McLeod, the spokesperson of Lawyers for Vulnerable New Zealanders, shared some of the many concerns lawyers have with the End of Life Choice Act.


Links to the reports and articles referenced in Richard’s presentation in blue:


  • In Canada, last year 13.7% of those Canadians who chose euthanasia said one of main reasons was because they were “lonely / isolated”
  • 34% of those who chose euthanasia said one of main reasons was because they felt they were a burden on their family, friends or caregivers
Lack of palliative care pushing Quebecers toward medically assisted death, College of Physicians says
  • In May 2018 the Royal College of practitioners in Quebec warned the Health Minister that due to a shortage of palliative care in Quebec many citizens there were at risk of choosing euthanasia because they couldn’t get proper health care
Death with Dignity Act Annual Reports – Oregon Health Authority
  • In Oregon: Last year, over 50% of those terminally ill people in Oregon who had assisted suicide said that one of the main reasons for requesting it was they were afraid of being a burden on their families and caregivers
  • In Oregon between 63.3% and 66.9% of all assisted suicides during the past five years were of people on low incomes who were accessing state health care insurance through the Oregon Health Plan
Dutch euthanasia case: Doctor acted in interest of patient, court rules
  • In the Netherlands a Dutch woman with dementia who refused euthanasia was drugged and held down by her doctor and family and given a lethal injection
Belgian Euthanasia Corruption Exposed
  • In Belgium the euthanasia “Review Committee” has recently been exposed as corrupt by one of its own leading members, who’s said the Committee is breaking the law, is approving wrongful deaths and they’re ensuring doctors who commit abuses get total impunity

Abuses in Canada:

  1. Roger Foley: Chronically ill man releases audio of hospital staff offering assisted death
  2. Candice Lewis: Mother says doctor brought up assisted suicide option as sick daughter was within earshot
  3. Sean Target: B.C. man with ALS chooses medically assisted death after years of struggling to fund 24-hour care
  4. UN Special Rapporteur Report on Canada: End of Mission Statement… on the rights of persons with disabilities
In response, the Canadian government is expanding euthanasia