Melody Lamb is the founder of Drop Deep Skateboarding, a platform that empowers Christians to serve and share their faith within the skateboarding community. Through bridging the gap between evangelism and skate culture, Melody spreads love, hope, and faith one kickflip at a time. Join her in this transformative journey as they challenge stereotypes and bring light to the skateboarding world, demonstrating the power of Jesus Christ and extending hope to all.

Prayer Points:

  1. Clarity and divine guidance for every step I take with Drop Deep, aligning with God’s will.
  2. Meaningful connections and collaborations with believers and skate enthusiasts for a greater impact.
  3. Safety and protection for skateboarders, finding hope and inspiration through Drop Deep.
  4. Open hearts and receptive minds to be touched by the message of faith and spirituality.
  5. Provision of resources, donors, and skilled individuals to join us in reaching more skaters.