Every few months we set aside a Pray As One gathering to hear reports from, and pray for, persecuted believers around the world. On Monday 20 June, Ewan Cameron (Open Doors NZ) shared a message from John 5:11-12 entitled ‘Blessed are the Persecuted’.


The Persecutors

  • that their hearts would be softened to the gospel and they would come to know Jesus.

The Persecuted

  • courage, strength and wisdom in the face of adversity, That their lives would be a testimony to the goodness and grace of God The gospel would spread and lives would be transformed.

The Western Church

  • to realise there’s a cost involved in following Jesus
  • to boldly live out the gospel message
  • be willing to learn from the persecuted church (our brothers and sisters in Christ) who follow Jesus no matter the cost