Prayer Points:

SCNZ as organization, please pray for…

  • more people to be trained and accredited as SC’s, so we can place them where the doors had been opened
  • more churches to embrace SC as a tool to be missional in their own backyards
  • financial and prayer support to increase, so we can continue to grow this ministry
  • doors to open in our sporting communities, at all levels


For our Sports Chaplains, please pray for… 

  • wisdom, as they engage and serve their sports communities
  • protection over them and their families, as they serve on the frontline
  • authentic opportunities to share with those they engage, the Gospel and the hope we have in Jesus
  • energy, good time management, endurance – to sustain them in their season of commitment


For our CEO, OD, Regional Leaders, please pray for…

  • opportunities to speak at churches, to leadership/faith communities, to share our vision, and for people of peace to put their hands up to train as SC’s
  • growth of our Ministry Support Teams – prayer and financial support
  • fruitful conversations with leaders of sports communities
  • discernment, to know where to go/whom to speak with – to be effective with our time, and to sustain our efforts
  • protection over us and our families, as we make inroads into areas where the enemy had strongholds


For athletes/sports communities, please pray for…

  • positive engagement with their SC’s
  • a sense of being valued and loved and cared for, without judgement
  • opportunities to ask questions, that could lead to life-changing conversations
  • real positive impact to be experienced, in their lives, sport and relationships

See for more information about sports chaplaincy in New Zealand and how you can get involved.